Lisa’s morning

This was a post by my daughter last year. She is a hoot

So there I was. Exhausted. Emotional. Ready for a nap. I got everything lined up and had Charlie in bed and Toby sleeping on my chest. I had a bowl of juicy roast and potatoes next to me on the couch so I could eat before I drifted off into sweet, sweet slumber.

After patting myself on the back for how well I planned for this nap I reached for my bowl of roast and realized I didn’t bring a utensil. In order to avoid waking Toby up I decided to lower my standards of personal dignity by eating with my bare hand. No napkin. Now I could sleep.

Several minutes later I hear the squealing of tires and a minute or two after that there’s a strong knock on the door. Worried that a dog jumped the fence and got hit by a car I jumped up off the couch holding Toby to answer the door.

Apparently a neighbor was gardening when an “exotic bird” perched on her shoulder and wouldn’t leave. You may or may not know this, but exotic birds aren’t native to the region, so she realizes this is a pet. Naturally, she goes door to door to ask if anyone is missing their rose-faced love bird.

Toby is awake. Charlie is awake. I am awake. The big boys will be home from school in 8 minutes.

I’m not missing my bird.

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