3 reasons you should not take life so seriously

Ever meet someone who was really intense? Everything is serious. Everybody in their lives poses a threat of some sort. If they smiled, their face would break. In the name of those that take everything so seriously, here’s 3 reasons why you should not.

1. Life is too damn short. No time to waste. Enjoy every minute. I lost my wife to cancer 12 years ago. She was 45. Life is short. The older I get the faster the years fly by. Life is short. So much to do…so many places to visit. Life is short. When we look back we will not regret the things we did so much as things we did not do. Have a good time. Life is short.

2. Life is precious. When my daughter was 5 and in kindergarten, her classmate died of leukemia. When I saw this little girl in her casket I vowed to live my life grateful for the time I get on this earth. Every person is precious. Every event is precious. Every moment is precious.

3. It’s better to smile. Smiles are contageous. Smiles are healthy. Smiles are free. Smiles are fun. Smiles are carefree.

Life is a trip. A good trip. Sometimes a short trip. Always a precious trip. Often a fun trip. Enjoy it while you can.

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