Klonopin (benzodiazapine)

Klonopin, the name brand of the drug clonazepam, carries with it a high potential for abuse and addiction. It can even be deadly when combined with other drugs that suppress the central nervous system (like alcohol). Do I have your attention?

“But I am prescribed the drug for my anxiety”, you might say. Even people that follow the prescription to the T can become physically dependent and run a higher risk of addiction. Klonopin is designed to be used for relatively short periods of time. Your prescriber can tell you more about that.

The dangerous truth I want to bring to your attention is that Klonopin is a useful drug with a very dangerous set of side effects. Abuse of the prescription is more common than we might realize.

Some behaviors to watch: Excessive sleepiness (during the day), depression, poor coordination, increased saliva production, memory/focus difficulty, mood swings, hostility, erratic behavior. It is rare to see all of these behaviors together…and one or two may not be a sign of danger. The list is useful when taken as a whole to identify a problem.

If you or a loved one is struggling with benzodiazepine abuse, seek help immediately. There are treatment centers in every state. Google that shit. Get help!

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