We all have it. Some tend to it more than others. Is it ok to believe we are the center of the our universe? I suppose so, because we really are. I mean, how can we help it? When something happens our first thought is naturally: “How does this affect me?”

The sump pump fails and the basement floods. “Did my stuff get wet?”

The stock market surges. “I wonder how much my investment is worth now?”

The traffic light turns yellow…red. “I’m running late!”

My initial thought is naturally focused on how these events will affect me.

You are no different.

This is a potential source of needless suffering. Here’s why.

I anticipate how things will go…sump pump will keep working, the stock market will trend upwards, the traffic lights will cooperate. If any of these things don’t go as I planned, I get angry because I have been inconvenienced or offended. I’ve lost property, money or time. How dare they!

At these unfortunate times, I have a choice. Accept the events as they are…or get angry (as if that is going to change anything).

My sister has traveled Europe extensively. On a recent trip to Rome, she and her husband decided to eat at a certain restaurant. Where better to have a meal than in Rome, right? My sister ordered a chicken dish. The waiter brought her order and set it before her.

“I ordered chicken” was her incredulous remark.

“Ah, yes, you get beef” was the waiter’s retort.

“But I ordered chicken”.

“Ah, yes, you get beef”.

From that day forward they have incorporated the following saying into their lives: Order what you want. Eat (enjoy) what you get.

If things don’t go as you plan, you have a choice: Get angry or enjoy. Your choice.

Bon Appetit!

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